Olivia Stonner

Visual Pollution


Hudson, New York

Selected as one of the 30 most inflectional women photographers under 30 for the year of 2013


My current work is rooted in the organic symmetry we find in nature and how it has translated over as models to use in our man made environment. With a focus on how symmetry is found in architecture and how the construction of geometrical figures making up the image create an equilibrium. This is rendered by perspective. With the intention to force the viewer to look at a structure in a way they would not commonly perceive it.  Skewing the scale and perspective serves to create the illusion of uncertainty and heightens your perception of the surroundings. Allowing the viewer to pick out figures and patterns that they are comfortable recognizing. We as humans are drawn to symmetry and patterns because we are able to make sense of them; they become anchors we can base our reality in.

Olivia Stonner - Visual Pollution


Translucent and Lucid are both projects that revolve around time.
I find myself remembering how fast things change when you are there, in nature, by yourself. My awareness that one thing must happen to accelerate the next. I have become intrigued by the notion of time in a place that changes without so many people even realizing it. The thick woods still moist from the end of summer must loose their leaves and seeds and become dormant, only to rejuvenate the forest once again the following spring.

In the winter months layers of ice consume a once rushing waterfall, crystallized, frozen in time, building its own defense to the harsh weather. In this meditative state of the forest, snow muffles the sound of falling trees and cracking ice, becoming a sanctuary to anyone who takes a moment to acknowledge it. It is in this introspective state that I have embarked on a journey to show single moments where nature is vulnerable, brittle, waiting to be investigated and questioned. Winters will come and go, the earth will continue to morph form one phase to the next. A complete transformation that holds all questions and answers. In this absolute state of consciousness I ask you to consider yourself one with nature, transcending time and space and allow reality to dissipate.