Para Sol expo is a 60+ artist collective exhibition using para sol umbrellas from Taipei, Taiwan as their canvas.

The current installation will open at La Marqueta Retoña in Harlem, New York on June 28, 2015 from 12-6pm and will be up through September 2015.

Our story starts with the Boriquen and its diaspora. As the expo travels it grows as we invite our Boriquen brothers and sisters in each host city while strengthen bonds with our global community. Rwanda will be the first invited country to join the expo in New York, with Japan joining in Philadelphia.

The original concept was developed by Alvero Racines of La Respuesta where he partnered with JP Eaglin of Worldwide UnderGround. The two creative teams have been developing projects together since 2003.

With each new inception of the Para Sol expo we transform spaces and infuse live art & music as we blend cultures and empower communities. The Para Sol expo will continue to travel the world and look out for an original clothing line of t-shirts and a coffee table book to hit the streets and digital Universe in the near future.